I Speak to You (Written by Jeromy)

Posted by on October 24, 2013

Evil took you from us, it shall not prevail

I speak to you

Tiffany-I speak to you. I know you’re here, God in Heaven wouldn’t be able to let you miss this. I feel you’re presence, you’re memory doesn’t flicker like a flame about to burn itself out, but instead grows bright and becomes a strong vision…. as though you were standing right next to me. I feel your strength. You, the one who taught me so much, who made me dig deep to do more. The one who cheered me on at track meets, despite my faults. The one who gave me courage to talk to girls. The one who embarrassed me in front of my friends and asked me if I got lucky after a dance or party, and knew very well the answer would be either “no” or “dude, it was just ben and I camping”. Such a humor you had, such a laugh, such a beautiful smile. So caring……..so caring, it was never enough for you to just be a sister….you had to be the one that brought the excitement, the gifts, God knows it was the gifts….it was your love language, you gave so much…..and there was nothing you expected in return.

Tiff-I love you so much, I have so much respect for you and there is nothing I can do to express that. I know where you are right now, I know you’re waiting for us with Dad….and wondering what the heck is taking so long because we were supposed to meet at this spot in the mall at a certain time. So I see you shopping right now, at the Nordstrom’s in heaven, wondering if this coat will fit Sonora, if Justin will like that gift, or if there’s anything you can find that will bring a little bit of joy to someone else. You cared so much, and your way of caring…..it’s not possible to give the words.

Tiff-I can speak to you, I can speak to dad. I can speak to both of you now and know your love……and I will feel it forever. You are there, you are our guardian angel, you are everything, I love you so much and feel so fortunate to be your brother.

Justin-I want to talk to you now. You are the elder, no matter how old I feel you will always be older than me. I love you brother. You have so much strength, and Tiffany saw that in you, as do all of us. She spoke of you often, of your help and support. I am so proud, and feel so fortunate to be your brother.

Brett- Now I want to talk to you. You….who Tiffany had much in common. You have fought a strong fight and have persevered. I have so much respect for you, as did Tiffany. I am so proud, and feel so fortunate to be your brother.

Jenny-I want to talk to you. You are a beautiful woman. You are a loving mother. You have the most beautiful wonderful daughter. We are all so proud of you and love you so much. So many times Tiff’s confidant, you did more for her than anyone….. I am so proud, and feel so fortunate to be your brother.

Zack-I want to talk to you now. Zack, there are no words to truly express what I feel at this moment. You, the one closest in age to Tiffany. You two went through school together just one year apart. You were there all along, through the good times and the bad. You are a rock, Zack. I am so proud, and feel so fortunate to be your brother.

Mom- I love you so much. You, the one who have so much good, so much great influence, who raised us and gave us hope no matter the circumstance, who pushed us to do more, the historian, the caregiver, the loving mother. Mom, we are all of us here to lift you up, to hold you now when you need it most, to give you strength. Strength you will need, strength you will find, in us…..

Mom, your kids, and most importantly your grandkids, need you so much. They need your love, your caring, your insight…..and everything you are…….everything they need to make them whole.

We are a family………we remain united……though it may not be something we want to do, to continue on through this grief, we don’t have a choice…we must continue, for those we love and who came before use, and those we love and who live on.

3 Responses to I Speak to You (Written by Jeromy)

  1. Ronda Jackson

    Amazing tribute to an amazing family … I am so blessed to have reconnected with the Jenks-Johnson family.

  2. Aunt Jeanie

    Jeromy, another sweet soul, speaking from your heart to our beloved Tiffany & to each of your siblings and your Mom so eloquently expressed.

  3. Kaci Briscoe

    Such a loving tribute JJ. Tiff WAS such a giver… always had something sweet for my girls when she visited. xo

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