Eulogy (Written by Jeromy)

Posted by on September 12, 2011

I can’t begin to express or put into words just how important my father was to our family. From my earliest memories he was the force that seemed to make everything go smoothly. The force that taught us morals and principles. It was an ethical ground he created for us to stand upon and face the world.

He didn’t just teach us right from wrong. He taught us to be evenhanded…..and that what seemed right to us, may not be so for others.

He established a code of ethics years ago, he called it his “code of conduct”….and all of us kids were reminded of it by him on occasion. So dad, if you’re listening, I swear to live with

-Honesty-by always telling the truth and being truthful
to live with….
-Integrity- by being consistent in how I apply principles to all elements of my life
to live with….
-Fairness-by doing unto others as I would have them do unto me
to live with….
-Loyalty-to family and friends
to live with….
-Value-to make life count – to give something of good quality to others and not
expect too much in return

My fathers life was full of adventure and discovery. He considered himself a Jack of all trades, but master of none. He wore many hats along the way….he worked as a:

-Fast food worker at McDonalds
-Professional Sea Fisherman-he ran a boat on the coast
-Mill Worker
-High School Teacher
-Collegiate Instructor in Nuclear Engineering
-Nuclear Engineer-He worked internationally to ensure nuclear energy was safe.
-Founder of TSHBI
-and the list goes on…..

He mastered all of those. He was an inspiration and friend to all of those he worked with.

For those he lived w/ and loved……he was a rock. He will continue to be that rock because I will pray and talk to him every day. I will always ask for the advice he’s been so happy to give during his living years.

My dad was also somewhat of a poet. So I’d like to end with a poem he wrote when we were in England a couple decades ago:

“A Boy Named Sam”

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