Tiffany – Rewind (Editing by Zack)

Posted by on October 21, 2013

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  1. Yasemin Pasamehmetoglu

    Oh my gosh Zack, that was so beautiful. I don’t know why, but I lost it when your dad took Tiffany and spun her around and around.:(

  2. Leslie Basey-Beal

    Zack….that is so amazingly full of all your love,….it was beautiful….I am sending my prayers for all of your family. GOD BLESS

  3. Gwen Thorne

    Beautiful and So touching , put together nicely- Makes you so glad to have known her-I will never forget that sweet Tiffany-thank you for sharing such a loving family movie!

  4. Bruce Rose

    Zack you really put together a beautiful tribute to your sisters memory. I am so deeply touched at how strong and loving your family is and how you all come together to support each other in these sad times. It makes me so very proud to be half a Jenks. I Know in my heart that Rick and Tiffany are smiling down on Kate, you and your brothers and sister. God Bless You All! With all my love, Cousin Bruce.

  5. Jeanie Molt

    Zack, thank you so much..This is such a beautiful tribute to your sister..She will be missed,her light will shine always from above..I love you..

  6. Stephanie Wilkes

    You’re amazing at all you do. I love every single second of this video and knowing how hard you worked on it makes it that much more special. You’re a wonderful man, Zack and Tiffany would have been so proud and humbled by this beautiful tribute. xo

    • nancy spencer

      Zack…when I watched this at the memorial it touched me then and I especially enjoyed seeing her younger years as I only knew her as an adult at work. I appreciated the love you put into this video…it was beautiful. I remember thinking I wish I had a copy. Thank you God….
      :)..wishing peace for your whole family, continue to lean on one another. I miss her and realize how much she was loved by myself and others..I hope that brings you some comfort knowing the depth of impact.beautiiful Tiff had. Thank you for sharing her life with us through the video.

  7. Ronda Jackson

    There are no words to describe that tribute … She was so blessed to have such an amazing family. In heaven with Rick.

    • Michael

      I only ever met Tiffany on Facebook, we had a mutual friend,we messaged a number of times,and I followed her posts with interest. I would have liked to share my love of the underwater world with her, and offered to do that if she ever visited Australia.

      That will never happen,but it has been a great pleasure to watch this video, and I thank the family for sharing it!

  8. Kaci Briscoe

    As much as I cried watching your beautiful tribute to Tiff it really was filled with so much joy! I loved every bit of it. She would have loved it too and you even more for making it. xo

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